Easy Weigh System® Basic Edition - Changelog

- About panel updated
- Error reports optimized
- Separated Simulator from application, now a standalone application
- Updated underlying code
- Installer errors and bugs corrected
- Description added to service
- Language files updated

- Error reports modified for better performance and faster processing
- 'About EWS' Section added
- Program Icon and graphics changed
- Default system configuration implemented

- Configuration now possible through a graphical user interface
- Configuration: Added Port and Debug mode
- Implemented small error reporting module
- Implemented a debug mode which prints error texts
- Multiple language support
- Error & log information more user friendly
- Possible to save error report & send to developer
- Log files rotates daily
- Start/stop of application (service)
- Simple installation file. Installer and icons for configuration module on desktop and in Start Menu
- Simple and user-friendly uninstaller
- Separation of some processing modules
- Implemented "default processing" which takes the raw input and puts it in a plain text file
- Simulator application shipped with installer to test Easy Weigh System® Basic Edition software

- First stable version launched


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