Easy Weigh System® Standard Edition - Changelog

- About panel updated
- Updating module modified to release resources after checking for updates
- Error Reports rotates every month for simpler processing
- Corrected error, in certain cases, after sending error report
- Base code updated
- Code for cleaning modified
- Communication modules refactored
- Failsafe measures when dealing with large error reports
- Corrected unneeded reporting of errors in certain cases

- Error reports has been moved to data folder
- Retailer information separated into file
- Updating service modified to ensure successful update in certain cases
- User login window modified to accommodate longer text
- Error reports modified for better performance and faster processing
- Application icon changed
- About section updated and refactored
- Retailer information section updated: More strict validation of user input
- Application splash screen changed
- Bug fixed: Send error report button still enabled while sending error report
- Main window: bottom section adjusted and updated
- Company information section updated
- Registration information module updated. More intelligent trial period validation
- Splash screen visible much sooner in order to avoid confusion

- About EWS section: Minor corrections in text and functionality
- Corrected error in dates during backup
- Removed 'Full Screen Exclusive' mode as it can cause interference with other applications and the EWS itself
- Corrected error in check in search for error reports
- Automatic backup process has been corrected to avoid it accumulates to very large files (a backup is taken of the backup itself)
- Corrected error during sending of error reports

- Version number modified to x.x.x.x instead of x.x.x
- Unused code (dead code) removed
- Updating service updated for better consistency and text errors corrected
- Build version has been removed in favor for an edition name in order to make it easier to differentiate different versions from each other
- General: Various text errors has been corrected
- Users section: corrected error (when using demo user) when switching users
- Automatic updating service updated in order to avoid "errors" being written to error report when it’s searching for updates
- New user: Added extra password field to ensure correct password
- Added printer check at startup: If printer not available, then weighing buttons locked and status set
- Printer selection: Scroll panels added (Horizontal/Vertical) in case of printer name is too long and/or too many printers are available
- Updating: Extended time before restart after updating as well as localized text messages (Danish, German, English)

Version 1.8.258
- Splash screen modified: Consistency in fonts used, language removed, added Edition and layout adjusted
- Standard layout for weighing prints modified: Company data, supporting text are not shown unless it is present or specified as custom text
- About section: Top adjusted with Edition, fonts changed and build version removed

Version 1.8.230
- Export report: Implemented check on logo file if it exists and can be read and improved status information
- Items section: windows, item selection and text fields modified to accommodate longer item names/codes
- Tickets section: Main panel modified to support longer client names, car numbers and item names as well as weighing results is sorted according to gross/tara and extra weighing information displayed
- Tickets section: Remove ticket - Added check to see if the ticket is already marked as deleted, if so, then user is notified and previous reason for deletion is set in the text field
- Standard weighing ticket layout: Car number added, zip code and city positions for client- and company information adjusted
- Export weighing ticket: panel modified and improved status while export is undergoing
- Indicator settings: Improved status information
- Main panel: Improved status while sending error report
- Settings section: Weighing ticket layout button text changed
- Shutdown procedures modified and window is displayed to show actual progress of the shutdown

Version 1.8.206
- Weighing ticket layout section: User interface modified, user defined text supported

Version 1.0.180
- Access control has been modified to display text regarding 'demo' user
- Items section: Main window corrected to display item information correctly
- Sending error reports are done through encrypted connections
- Main window modified so that contact information is displayed
- Tickets section: Loading finished tickets optimized
- Corrected error in sums and subtotals in reports section
- Indicator section: Resolution settings disabled when searching for new ports
- Indicator settings: When searching for new ports, animated status is displayed
- Implemented selection of the number of prints for weighing tickets in single/double sections and in the client section (client settings automatically set in single/double weighing)
- Application ID generating modified to handle possible inconsistencies in key values

Version 1.0.93, Build 0.0
- Corrected error when saving terminal settings
- Error corrected regarding the lights in the terminal box when no data is received from the indicator
- Error corrected when removing a terminal

Version 1.0.64, Build 0.0
- Corrected missing status message when sending error report from the main panel
- Executable file optimized, improved error handling and Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7 administrator rights set automatic
- Updating service modified


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