∞ Because she CAREs ∞

Veeraya® is our series of specialized medical products.

The product line consists of both hardware and software and further reading on the individual products can be found to the right and under the hardware section of this website.

"Software is made for humans and not machines" as it says on the front page, but why not take it a step further than that: Therefore, imagine for a moment if you will...

That software is made for humans to benefit humankind.

As such, all profits from our EndoTracker® software, which is the core of it all, will be donated to charity.

Any medical institution buying this software will indirectly be helping those in need around the globe. Anyone paying taxes for hospitals or having a medical insurance will indirectly be helping those in need.

It might seem like a dream, seem unartistic, it might even seem impossible. Yet, it will be a reality with your help. If we work together, if we help each other.

And you might be wondering why? Well, the answer is very simple:

Because of her...
Because Veeraya has a heart of gold...
Because she CAREs...


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