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Corrected scaling issues with Washing machine settings panel.
Temporary data folder gets cleared upon start-up to avoid corruption of data in certain cases.
When updating settings for a storage cabinet the "Add" button is now renamed to "update".
Selection of storage cabinet type locks after being added to avoid later re-selection and with it unstable state.
Default interval between checks changed for both washing machines and storage cabinets.
Local storage cabinet data is being updated and synchronized with raw files upon start-up.
Corrected and adjusted initial display of storage cabinet data.
Remodelled search structure of storage cabinet data
Various Graphical User Interface adjustments
Implemented fail-safe checks of local data for washing machines.


Minor language corrections (Danish, Swedish and English)
Service section added to settings
Modules & Registration moved to service section
New function: System mode
Registration/Licence procedure updated and improved
Customer information implemented
Module registration and activation implemented
Scheduled and automatic backup
Shared Information Interface (SII) implemented
Export overview of washing machines and storage cabinets to XML
System maintenance functions added
About panel updated
Shutdown procedure improved
Details for washing machines updated and minor text bugs corrected


First stable version launched


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