ASCII table

10x010001␁Start Of Heading
20x020002␂Start Of Text
30x030003␃End Of Text
40x040004␄End Of Transmission
90x090011␉Horizontal Tab
100x0A0012␊Line Feed, new line
110x0B0013␋Vertical Tab
120x0C0014␌Form Feed, new page
130x0D0015␍Carriage Return
140x0E0016␎Shift Out
150x0F0017␏Shift In
160x100020␐Data Link Escape
170x110021␑Device Control 1
180x120022␒Device Control 2
190x130023␓Device Control 3
200x140024␔Device Control 4
210x150025␕Negative Acknowledge
220x160026␖Synchronous Idle
230x170027␗End of Transmission, Block
250x190031␙End of Medium
280x1C0034␜File Separator
290x1D0035␝Group Separator
300x1E0036␞Record Separator
310x1F0037␟Unit Separator
 320x200040 Space
!330x210041!Exclamation mark, point / Bang
"340x220042"Quotation mark, double
#350x230043#Number sign / Hash / Pound sign
$360x240044$Dollar sign
%370x250045%Percent sign
&380x260046&Ampersand / Epershand
(400x280050(Parentheses, left
)410x290051)Parentheses, right
.460x2E0056.Full stop / Period
/470x2F0057/Slash / Forward slash
0480x3000600Numerical digit, 0
1490x3100611Numerical digit, 1
2500x3200622Numerical digit, 2
3510x3300633Numerical digit, 3
4520x3400644Numerical digit, 4
5530x3500655Numerical digit, 5
6540x3600666Numerical digit, 6
7550x3700677Numerical digit, 7
8560x3800708Numerical digit, 8
9570x3900719Numerical digit, 9
<600x3C0074&lt;Relational operator, less than
=610x3D0075=Equals / Equality sign
>620x3E0076&gt;Relational operator, greather than
?630x3F0077?Question /Interrogation mark, point
@640x400100@At sign / Commercial at
A650x410101AUpper-case / Capital letter, A
B660x420102BUpper-case / Capital letter, B
C670x430103CUpper-case / Capital letter, C
D680x440104DUpper-case / Capital letter, D
E690x450105EUpper-case / Capital letter, E
F700x460106FUpper-case / Capital letter, F
G710x470107GUpper-case / Capital letter, G
H720x480110HUpper-case / Capital letter, H
I730x490111IUpper-case / Capital letter, I
J740x4A0112JUpper-case / Capital letter, J
K750x4B0113KUpper-case / Capital letter, K
L760x4C0114LUpper-case / Capital letter, L
M770x4D0115MUpper-case / Capital letter, M
N780x4E0116NUpper-case / Capital letter, N
O790x4F0117OUpper-case / Capital letter, O
P800x500120PUpper-case / Capital letter, P
Q810x510121QUpper-case / Capital letter, Q
R820x520122RUpper-case / Capital letter, R
S830x530123SUpper-case / Capital letter, S
T840x540124TUpper-case / Capital letter, T
U850x550125UUpper-case / Capital letter, U
V860x560126VUpper-case / Capital letter, V
W870x570127WUpper-case / Capital letter, W
X880x580130XUpper-case / Capital letter, X
Y890x590131YUpper-case / Capital letter, Y
Z900x5A0132ZUpper-case / Capital letter, Z
[910x5B0133[Square bracket, left
\920x5C0134\Backslash / Slosh
]930x5D0135]Square bracket, right
^940x5E0136^Caret / Hat / Circumflex accent
_950x5F0137_Underscore / Understrike
`960x600140`Grave accent
a970x610141aLower-case / Non-Capital letter, a
b980x620142bLower-case / Non-Capital letter, b
c990x630143cLower-case / Non-Capital letter, c
d1000x640144dLower-case / Non-Capital letter, d
e1010x650145eLower-case / Non-Capital letter, e
f1020x660146fLower-case / Non-Capital letter, f
g1030x670147gLower-case / Non-Capital letter, g
h1040x680150hLower-case / Non-Capital letter, h
i1050x690151iLower-case / Non-Capital letter, i
j1060x6A0152jLower-case / Non-Capital letter, j
k1070x6B0153kLower-case / Non-Capital letter, k
l1080x6C0154lLower-case / Non-Capital letter, l
m1090x6D0155mLower-case / Non-Capital letter, m
n1100x6E0156nLower-case / Non-Capital letter, n
o1110x6F0157oLower-case / Non-Capital letter, o
p1120x700160pLower-case / Non-Capital letter, p
q1130x710161qLower-case / Non-Capital letter, q
r1140x720162rLower-case / Non-Capital letter, r
s1150x730163sLower-case / Non-Capital letter, s
t1160x740164tLower-case / Non-Capital letter, t
u1170x750165uLower-case / Non-Capital letter, u
v1180x760166vLower-case / Non-Capital letter, v
w1190x770167wLower-case / Non-Capital letter, w
x1200x780170xLower-case / Non-Capital letter, x
y1210x790171yLower-case / Non-Capital letter, y
z1220x7A0172zLower-case / Non-Capital letter, z
{1230x7B0173{Curly bracket, left
|1240x7C0174|Vertical bar / Sheffer stroke
}1250x7D0175}Curly bracket, right


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